Agape Media provides professional HDR photography, 4k video-tours and FAA Part 107 certified aerial imaging for your real estate listing. We guarantee that you will get your professionally edited photos, ready for MLS, within 24 hours of the shoot.*

* Photos for tier 1 - 3 delivered within 24 hours of shoot. Tier 4 and 5 turn around time depends on project scale.

Drone photography

HDR Photography PRICING

Tier 1

< $99k


Listing Price:

+ tax

Tier 2

Listing Price:



+ tax

Tier 3

Listing Price:



+ tax

Tier 4

Listing Price:



+ tax

Tier 5

Listing Price:

> $700k

PLease inquire

Pricing based within a 15 mile total travel distance from our office in the Kettering. $.55 per each additional mile traveled will be added for anything beyond the first 15 miles. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images will I get with a pacakage?

Our approach is different from other photographers who base their pricing on how many photos you will receive. Instead, we provide as many photos as necessary to capture the look of your property. Each home generally includes no less than 7 outdoor photos and no less than two photos of each interior room. 

We do not Photoshop elements, such as skies or other objects in or outside of the home, in or out of our photos. Homes will be captured "as is."

Do you offer aerial photo/video services?

Yes. We are FAA Part 107 certified. Drone services are subject to location, weather, and other conditions that may prohibit us from flying. Please let us know if you are interested in drone photography for your property. Pricing is unique to each property and rates start at $99+ tax for drone photography. Interested in our HDR photos and drone photos? We offer a discounted package rate.

How long will it take on site to photograph our project?

For Relators: Each property is unique, but the average time for our team is about an hour. This time is based on the average three-bedroom house (about 1,200-1,600 square feet). Larger properties, may take longer. Estates of 6,000 square feet and more require an entire day of photography.

For Commercial Projects: Commercial projects are either a half day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours).

How do I prepare for a shoot?

For Home Owners and Realtors: Every agent has their own preference on how the house should be represented. We prefer that any clutter is neatly packed away or hidden in the garage or a shed. If you do not want photos of your children or family to be in the photos we take, we suggest that you take those down as well. Please have all blinds down and open, curtains open, ceiling fans off and all lights on. We recommend that you dust, vacuum, and make sure no finger prints or smudges are on walls, windows and mirrors. For liability reasons, we do not move your property, with the exception of turning on/off a light or opening the blinds, without the home owner or agent present. Therefore, the house will be photographed as is. 

How long before our photographs are delivered?

Real Estate Clients: We understand that you need to bring your client’s home to the market as soon as possible. That is why our images will be ready for you within 24 hours for projects that fall under tiers 1, 2, or 3. Images are sent to you via Google Drive.

Commercial Projects: Depending on the scope of your shoot and how much post-production and editing is required, your images will be sent to you via Google Drive within 3-5 business days after the day of the shoot.

How do I make sure that you capture what I need photographed?

It is very important to us that you get exactly what you need for your listing. We take pride in our shoots and make sure everything we do is to make you thrilled with the results. We can do things a few ways. 1) We discuss what your needs are in a phone call and we take notes; creating a checklist when we speak. 2) You can create a checklist and we will make sure to mark off everything on your list. 3) We can do a walk through and discuss which spaces will be photographed and which angles work best for your particular project.

Do you offer executive portraits and headshots?

Yes. We have a highly qualified team of photographers that love to shoot portraits and headshots. If you book us for a real estate or commercial shoot, we will do a single headshot on site of the shoot free of charge. Just let us know in advance. Additional headshots or locations will add an additional cost.

Will I own the items?

You have the rights to use the photos for any marketing or promoting of the home or for your brokerage. However, images remain the property of Agape Media and cannot be sold to or used by a third party without our previous consent. 

Do you offer video services?

Yes. As a full-fledged media team, we offer video services for any house for an additional cost.  Pricing varies on the size of the home. Interested in HDR photography and a video tour? Please contact us for more information about our package deals!

Here's What Our Realtors Think About Agape Media

"Jason provides a service that is exceptional in quality, price, and timeliness. His photography takes my listings to the next level. My clients are able to showcase their homes online, and get the attention they deserve, because the pictures look awesome. With a turnaround time that blows away the competition, my clients are consistently impressed with how quickly I can get their house on the market with professional photography. Speed is critical in this ever-evolving market and Jason has taken that to the next level for me and my clients. He is thorough, thoughtful, timely, and trustworthy. If you’re not using Jason for your real estate photography, it’s time for a change."

- Andrew Nicholl | Coldwell Banker Heritage

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