AGAPE (Ancient Greek ἀγάπη)



The difference between a gemstone and a jewel isn’t about the stone. In the raw, an emerald is still an emerald, even though few would recognize it. What separates the exquisite beauty of an emerald that we think of from the rough stone it started as is the expertise and craftsmanship of the gemcutter. Transforming a gemstone into a jewel worthy of setting in a ring or on a pendant requires the creative vision to see in the stone what is possible, along with the technical skill to bring that vision into reality. 


The same is true for stories we have to share. The expertise of a Storyteller isn’t just in creating new stories, rather, it lies in seeing the best version of an existing story and knowing how to tell it in a way that shines more brilliantly than before.


At Agape Media, we don’t just tell stories - we Refine them. We craft stories using light and sound, stillness and motion, filming and editing, heart and soul to uncover the best versions of stories to be told. 

Jason Elam

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